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Bearings and Transmission in Burnley

Do you need new bearings repairing or replacing in Burnley or throughout the North West? We can help you…

Bearings & Transmission

A.S.K. Rewind Ltd were founded in 1978, with the company’s primary focus to offer the best quality services to our clients. Bearings & transmissions have been one of the company’s main focuses, and we’ve stayed true to our roots by delivering high-quality products from the world’s finest manufacturers. We continue to sell a wide choice of bearings and P.T. equipment to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop experience. Our stock variety complements our workshop, and many of our customers rely on us to make stock sprockets and send them the same day.

ASK Rewind - Steel Bearings

Transmissions for Industrial Equipment

We can also provide you with a choice of parts that are suited for use on industrial transmissions. We have the following items in stock:
• V-belts
• Pulleys & taper locks
• Chain & sprockets
• Poly-V drives
• Bronze & oilite bushes
• Shafts
• Keyways repairs

We handle bearings and power transmission belts to drive design and control board and panel services (rebuild and repair). You can put your trust in our knowledge. We like resolving issues and rapidly obtaining the supplies, you require keeping your company functioning properly.

Emergency? We're open 24/7, 365 days per year!

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Gearbox Repair or Replacement

There is a bearing where there’s motion. Bearings are available for a wide range of applications and should be sized appropriately for the load and speed demands.

Friction Bearings
Friction bearings are one form of bearing. Sleeve bearings are friction bearings. Bronze, Babbitt, nylon, UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), and glass-filled Teflon are some options. Friction bearings are utilised in a wide range of applications, including rotating shafts and linear motion. You would use friction bearing instead of a ball bearing or a roller bearing since they can be utilised underwater, are chemically resistant, take up less space, and are more cost-effective depending on the material.

Anti-Friction Bearings
Ball bearings, roller bearings, and needle bearings are examples of these types. When heavier weights and higher speeds are required for the application, these would be utilised instead of friction bearings.

After that, bearings of all kinds can be installed in mounted units such as pillow blocks, flanges, and take-up units.

  • Ball Bearings (anti-friction)
  • Housing Bearings (are typically ball and roller bearings hence anti-friction)
  • Roller Bearings (anti-friction)
  • Linear Bearings (are typically ball and roller bearings therefore anti-friction)