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Electric Motor Rewinds

A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd are in independently run company, established in early 1978, specialising in electric motor rewinds.

Electric Motor Rewinds

It is essential you keep your electrical equipment in top condition, so it works efficiently. However, this isn’t always easy. At A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd, we offer electric motor rewinds across the Northwest of England. This ensures that your motors always maintain a good performance.

We specialise in all AC/DC motors for both commercial and industrial use. With many years of experience, we have gained an exceptional reputation throughout the region.

For more information about our electric motor rewinds, call us today on 01282 776475.

What is an Electric Motor?

An electric motor can be used for a wide range of appliances. Anything that turns electricity into motion is an electric motor. Many appliances around your home will regularly use a motor, including:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Washing Machine
  • Tumble Dryer
  • Computers
  • Inverters

At A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd, we provide professional electric motor rewinds so you can use them again. As well as improving efficiency, motor rewinding prevents breakdown and extends the lifespan of your motor. Furthermore, it can revive a motor if it has previously burnt out.

Our professionals can find the cause of any issues in your motor, working with you to test it correctly. We always identify any issue quickly, providing our customers with unrivalled reliability and efficiency.

All our work is guaranteed.

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Motor Rewinding

At A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd, we offer a high standard of electric motor rewinds, so your motor rewind meets the correct standard. The winding coils are removed or stripped, and new winding coils are often inserted before being insulated. Lastly, the motor is rewound and if required, the insulation paper which lines the stator is replaced.

When you notice an issue with your electric motor, a rewind provides a quick solution. Our professionals will get to the cause of the problem. Moreover, we can offer advice on whether you need a complete replacement of the motor or appliance.

Emergency? We're open 24/7, 365 days per year!

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Electric Motor Repairs

In addition to rewinds, we have the ability and facility to repair your damaged electric motors. Once we have your motor, we will dismantle it, so we can detect the issue. Once stripped, all its components are carefully inspected by one of our technicians.

Once the fault is identified, we can find the most suitable solution. After we complete the repairs, we re-balance your motor and reassemble it to its original specification. Following that, we will test the motor to ensure everything has been resolved. It is then cleaned, re-sprayed and ready to go.

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For more information about electric motor rewinds, contact our professionals at A.S.K. Rewinds. Call us today on 01282 776475. Alternatively, send a message through the contact form.

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