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Electric Motors & Motor Rewinds in Burnley

Do you have an Electric Motor that needs repairing or rewinding in Burnley or throughout the North West? Let one of our engineers take a look, we’re open 24/7!

Electric Motor Repairs

We have the capability to repair your damaged electric motors in our well-equipped facility. When a vehicle is scheduled for repair, it is assigned a unique repair I.D. number, and its data and condition are recorded. When the motor is disassembled and cleaned, more records are made, and the defective winding details are examined. These windings must be carefully removed from the core pack to avoid damaging the core lamination. When reinstalling the windings, high-quality materials are employed, and a trickle of glue seals the coils. This method of sealing the newly finished windings is highly quick and efficient.

Our S.K.F./Baker AWA-IV static motor analyser checks the finished windings, and we can offer a hard copy test sheet of the winding resistances if needed. Before returning to our customer, the entirely constructed motor is powered up to nameplate voltage and given a no-load test run. We would like our clients to feel confident that once their motor has been repaired, they can reinstall it, and rest assured that it will provide them with many more years of service!

Electric Motor Rewinding

Our electric motor rewinding shop can handle operations ranging from 1⁄4 to 5000 HP. We use computer-controlled precision coil production to ensure an efficient electric motor rewind that meets U.L. repair system standards. The following items are available in our store:

  • Core testing is done in a burnout oven with precision controls to ensure that the stator temperature never surpasses 700°F.
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I.) Surge and Hipot tests with 100% epoxy resin

This cutting-edge technology, along with our skilled professionals, makes a winning combination.

ASK Rewind - Rewinding Electric Motor

Emergency? We're open 24/7, 365 days per year!

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Electric Motor Overhaul

An initial equipment checks and diagnosis, bearing replacement, a test run, and a report are all part of a conventional electric motor overhaul.

The following is an example of work scope for an overhaul:

  • Pickup of the motor from client’s site
  • Examine and document all pertinent information from the nameplate
  • If possible, do electrical and mechanical check tests to verify the motor status and any reported defects.
  • Clean and examine all parts after dismantling the motor
  • Replacement or repair of defective parts, including bearing journals and seating, shaft extensions, shaft extension run out, shaft seal fits, commutator diameter, and brush surface length
  • Stator and rotor windings must be steam cleaned, stove dried, and varnished in accordance with IEEE 1068.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts to ISO grade 2.5 or better before dispatch
  • Current motor plate installed before dispatch
  • Delivery to the client site and re-commissioning

If further repairs are required beyond the scope of the overhaul, we will notify you and issue a quote. Following the customer’s approval, our expert engineers will complete the job on a regular or emergency basis.