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Electrical Motor Rewinds

A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd is a well-known name in the electrical motor rewinds industry. We’ve been providing top-notch motor rewinding services for over 40 years. Our highly experienced team are certified to carry out all kinds of electrical motor rewinds and repairs

About Us

A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd specialises in electrical motor rewinds. Founded in 1978, A.S.K Rewinds operates out of its workshop located in Accrington and supplies its services to customers throughout the North West. 

Our company have built up an excellent reputation for quality workmanship over the years and we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of customer service as well as providing economical repair solutions tailored to each requirement.

For more information about our electric motor rewinding service, call us today: 01282 776475.

Our Electrical Motor Rewinds

Electrical motor rewinds are used to repair faulty windings in electric motors. This type of procedure requires experience and knowledge to be carried out correctly, and we’ve been in the industry for over 40 years!

Electrical motor rewinds can also increase the power rating of existing motors and improve efficiency. 

If you’d like to find out more about our electrical motor rewinds, please contact us today: 01282 776475

Electric Motors Bolton

Electric Motor Rewinding - The Process

Our experienced team and fully equipped workshop can repair all damaged or faulty motors, especially when it comes to electrical motor rewinds. Your motor will be cleaned, inspected and rewound, using only the best materials. 

For help, advice or to receive a free quote, call us today: 01282 776475

Electric Motor Rewinds

Electric Motor Repairs & Refurbishments

Because of our extensive electrical motor repair service knowledge, we understand how essential it is to revive old motors.

Some extra repairs to a motor can require a significant amount of time, but when completed correctly, it can increase a motor’s expected life by many years. This is an important form of upkeep that helps reduce the cost of repairs in the long term.

Before any work can be carried out on an electric motor, all mechanical parts should be analysed and tested for functionality, both external components, as well as internal parts such as cables, windings, and bearings.

Any mistakes in a motor’s setup have to be resolved, along with all safety requirements being met. Finally, additional actions such as testing the motor under load may also be required before reinstalling it in its original location.

For more details on our process or if you require a quote, please feel free to contact our team directly: 01282 776475.

If your electric motor is faulty and problematic, our professionals are here to help. Our experts are available 24/7.

Why Choose A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd?

There are many reasons you should choose A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd for electrical motor rewinds and repairs, such as our steam cleaning following IEEE 1068 standards.

Your motor will be thoroughly inspected and tested, ensuring that any broken parts are replaced or repaired. All individual parts will be cleaned and examined to certify the highest quality.

A new motor plate is installed before dispatch to guarantee performance and efficiency. Finally, the motor is delivered directly back to you.

Copper coil winding procedure 50 hp - Electric Motors Bolton

Our experts are on standby and ready to ensure that your motor is up and running quickly and with minimal downtime.

Where We're Based

Accrington is a small, historic town located in the heart of Lancashire, England. It has a strong industrial heritage, having been at the forefront of Britain’s cotton spinning and weaving industry since the 19th century. 

Many iconic brick-built warehouses have stood proud on Accrington’s vast cotton market for centuries, making it an important location in our country’s history. As well as its industrial legacy, Accrington is known for its warm hospitality and sense of community spirit – something which remains to this day throughout all parts of the town. 

Accrington also boasts modern attractions including Oak Hill Park, one of Lancashire’s most popular parks with plenty to keep visitors entertained.

Contact A.S.K. Rewinds Ltd

If your electric motor keeps failing due to the windings being out of spec, our electrical motor rewind service can help. 

We can restore and refurbish your electrical motor back to its original specifications. 

Here at A.S.K. Rewinds, we specialise in electrical motor rewinds and our experts have extensive experience in providing reliable and efficient services that can get your motor back up and running quickly.

For more details on our process or if you require a quote, please feel free to contact our team directly: 01282 776475.