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High-Quality Electric Motor Rewinds

We specialise in comprehensive electric motor rewinds ensuring your motors operate at peak efficiency and reliability, extending their lifespan and reducing downtime.

Understanding Electric Motor Rewinds

Electric motor rewinds involve replacing the wire coils in the motor’s stator or rotor. Over time, these coils can suffer from electrical faults, mechanical wear, or environmental damage, leading to reduced performance or complete failure. Rewinding restores the motor to its optimal condition, offering a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new motor, especially for larger or specialised models.

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Electric Motor Rewinds

We Specialise In...

Experience unparalleled expertise with ASK Rewinds. Specialising in professional electric motor rewinding and repair services, we ensure your motors operate at peak efficiency and reliability, meeting the highest industry standards.

Core Testing and Burnout

Our precision-controlled burnout oven keeps stator temperatures below 700°F, safeguarding the core during rewinding and ensuring peak motor performance.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Using Vacuum Pressure Impregnation with 100% epoxy resin, we improve the durability of motor windings. This process offers excellent insulation and protection against environmental factors.

Precision Coil Production

We use computer-controlled systems for precise coil production, ensuring every rewind meets U.L. repair system standards for high efficiency and reliability.

Dynamic Balancing

Our dynamic balancing process aligns rotating parts to ISO grade 2.5 or better, reducing vibration, extending motor lifespan, and ensuring smooth, stable operation.

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Why ASK Rewinds Leads The Way In Electric Motors

ASK Rewinds stands out as your go-to choice for electric motor rewinds, offering unparalleled expertise and reliability nationwide. With precision coil production, vacuum pressure impregnation, and dynamic balancing, we ensure top-notch performance, durability, and efficiency for your motors.

Electric Motor Rewinds

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Based in Accrington, ASK Rewinds proudly serves the North West, providing top-quality electric motor rewinding services across the region.

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Your Electric Motor Queries, Answered!

Delve into our FAQ section for comprehensive insights into electric motors.

Gain expert knowledge to make informed decisions about maintaining your motors for peak performance.

What is electric motor rewinding, and when is it necessary?

Electric motor rewinding involves replacing the worn-out or damaged coils in the motor’s stator or rotor. It’s necessary when the motor experiences performance issues like overheating, low efficiency, or complete failure due to coil damage.

What are the benefits of vacuum pressure impregnation (V.P.I.) during motor rewinds?

V.P.I. enhances the motor’s insulation and durability by impregnating its windings with epoxy resin under vacuum pressure. This process protects against moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors, extending the motor’s lifespan and improving performance.

How does precision coil production contribute to motor efficiency?

Precision coil production ensures that each winding is crafted to meet industry standards. This precision minimises electrical losses, improves energy efficiency, and promotes smoother motor operation, resulting in optimised performance and reduced operating costs.

What role does dynamic balancing play in electric motor rewinds?

Dynamic balancing ensures that the rotating parts of the motor, such as the rotor, are evenly balanced to minimise vibration. By achieving ISO grade 2.5 or better balance, this process extends the motor’s lifespan, reduces wear and tear, and enhances overall operational stability.

How does ASK Rewinds ensure the quality and reliability of its electric motor rewinds?

ASK Rewinds maintains its commitment to excellence through rigorous testing, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced engineers. With comprehensive testing protocols, including core testing, burnout, and no-load test runs, we guarantee that every motor rewind meets the highest industry standards for performance and reliability.